Mason Williams: Our History

Now in its 30th year, Mason Williams was established back in 1986 by Rita Rowe and John Williams.


In small offices in Peter Street, Manchester armed only with the “new-fangled” Apple Mac computers they watched their first client – Noel Edmonds – depart public life following an accident on the Late, Late Breakfast Show leaving them with – nothing to do.

Help arrived with the British Monopoly Championship, which started a client relationship with Waddingtons’ then Parker Brothers and then Hasbro. That snapshot paints a picture of the agency as it is now, Rita and John hands on and hard at work, long client relationships with household names – and Apple Macs!

By 1996 increasing work “down South” prompted the opening of the London office – initially (surprise, surprise) above a bar in Soho. Growth meant a long stint next to Zilli Fish still in Soho. The company’s Southern base is now a penthouse suite in the Italian Building nearButler’s Wharf. In Manchester the team spent 18 years in Ardwick Green before moving10years ago to today’s lovely offices in Universal Square.

The agency now works quite extensively in mainland Europe a trend started by the 9 years and counting relationship with Polaris World.

We are proud of the roll call of people who have passed through each of our offices and, of course, those that have decided to stay with usThe agency has had many formats but one thing has been constant – we work hard, get great results and stunning ROI for fantastic clients with great brands. A lot of our ‘old boys and girls’ have gone on to great things in the UK, America and throughout the world. And, of course, some haven’t.

Like our clients, our staff past and future tend to have strong views about Mason Williams both for and against! We’ve never tried to follow the crowd. In 2011, we indulged ourselves with a few celebrations, a few good deeds and a little nostalgia.

– Rita Rowe

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