IPREX is a $350 million network of communication agencies, with 1,800 staff and 115 offices worldwide working across the spectrum of industry sectors and practice disciplines. Mason Williams is the UK representative for Consumer PR.

Communicating news is our passion

Mason Williams is the UK Consumer PR Agency for IPREX – one of the world’s top ten communications companies.

Unusually IPREX members value the quality of work of their fellow consultancies rather than any income derived. All work referred is free of any kind of tariff or kickback meaning every Dollar, Pound, Krone or Yen spent with one of our IPREX colleague agencies stays with them.

IPREX has 1,800 staff in 115 offices worldwide. Current revenues are $350,000,000.

IPREX offers many staff development opportunities and members meet regularly to learn about the latest developments in communication technology and techniques.

IPREX was founded in 1983 to help independent PR firms deliver high-quality client work in major markets worldwide, and it has evolved into a tightly knit peer group of more than 70 of the world’s most successful communication agencies.

Partners offer their clients seamless world-class advice and implementation from agencies and people they know and respect.

Clients choose IPREX partners for their influence in their own markets and because the network’s management systems make the diversity, innovation and dynamism of owner-managed agencies work to their advantage.

Partners join IPREX for the assurance of high-calibre work for their clients in remote markets, and to develop their agencies in a collegial environment through best practices, new business opportunities and a common program management language.

Partners communicate frequently, review each other’s work rigorously and meet often. When they join forces they’re working with agency owners they know as partners – not strangers united by a brand name and divided by internal competition.

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