Launch of Children United at The May Fair Hotel with Alesha Dixon – a new charity to give all children a voice
Pictures courtesy of Ben Broomfield

Alesha Dixon features on a new single to launch Children United, which will be giving a voice to millions of children around the world.

First News children’s newspaper editor Nicky Cox MBE, the visionary behind Children United and one of the charity’s six trustees, is excited about bringing Children United to life. It’s the world’s first online platform which will bring children together from across the globe to discuss the issues that matter to them, and provide them with the opportunity to have their voices heard. But that’s not all. Children United will take their collective voices to world leaders to give children the opportunity to change their world and their futures. Out of many, one voice.

“Children are 27% of the world’s people but 100% of the future,” said Cox. “It is essential that they are given a voice and that their opinions are heard. It is also important that young people around the world speak to each other; share experiences, knowledge and understanding. The future depends on our children having good, meaningful and positive relations with each other and this starts with communication.”

The three founding partner organisations, First News, Achievement for All, and Skoolbo, have been working together to develop Children United, which opens for registration on Wednesday (15 April) at Recognising the importance of creating strategic partnerships with other organisations who share our values and vision, Children United have been working with Microsoft to support the web development and integration of Skype technology that will connect children across the world in face-to-face conversations.

Children United are also incredibly excited to announce publicly for the first time, that a partnership has been forged with Save the Children who will become the charity’s key NGO partner.

The Children United single with Alesha Dixon is the beginning of the journey around the world, literally raising the voices of children worldwide. The star, who is a judge on the new series of Britain’s Got Talent, knew as soon as she heard about Children United that she wanted to be part of the charity. She said: “Getting involved with Children United was a no-brainer! I just thought the whole idea was fantastic. I love the idea of children coming together from all around the world – having a voice and being heard. I think it’s really important. They’re the next generation and we need to hear them and they need to be considered. I just think it’s a fantastic charity – one that I want to continue to support. I think that anything that involves music as well is such a fantastic way to connect to the hearts of people.”

Although Alesha is the most well-known name on the single, the first voice you hear on the song is that of 12-year-old Patience who lives in a children’s home in Uganda after losing most of her family to AIDS. The pair are joined by thousands more children from countries as far flung as Kenya, Australia, India, USA, Uganda, The Netherlands and Norway who all feature on the Children United single. More countries and more children are joining the “world’s biggest pop group” every day and posting their recordings on YouTube.

Alesha will be launching Children United and the “We Are The Children United” single on Wednesday April 15 at the May Fair Hotel, London.

The song was written by Barney Cox and produced by music legend Nigel Wright, whose credits include being musical director to Andrew Lloyd Webber and also MD of the X Factor, both in the UK and USA. Around 10,000 children’s voices are on the song including 6,500 children from the Voice In A Million choir who performed the song live at Wembley with Alesha in March.

The Children United website, which encourages children around the world to “join-up” and be heard, opens for registration on Wednesday (15 April) and goes fully live and interactive in September. The site will be moderated by schools around the world to ensure a secure environment for children to talk to each other safely.

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