Mason Williams Pledges Thirty Smiles For Thirty Years

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 13.40.06To celebrate Mason Williams’ 30th year in business, this year, the agency is working with the charity Smile Train to bring a smile to the faces of thirty children, one for each year of the agency’s life.

Smile Train is an international children’s charity, dedicated to solving a single problem: treating cleft lip and palate. Today 1 in 700 children worldwide are born with a cleft, and millions of children in developing countries are living with untreated clefts. This birth defect not only introduces the child to a life of isolation, but also causes physical difficulties with breathing, eating and speaking.

In their work Smile Train adopts the “give a man a fish” model, which focuses on providing free training on how to perform cleft repairs to local surgeons. They are then able to pass on this training to other doctors in the community, creating an effective, sustainable system to change children’s lives and benefit communities. Smile Train’s work also helps to fund hospitals providing children with 100%-free cleft repair surgery. Smile Train currently performs approximately one surgery every five minutes, and thanks to the support from their partners and donors they have been able to change completely the lives of over one million children and put a smile on their face.

This year we will be using the money that is usually spent on Christmas cards and gifts to support Smile Train and bring thirty new smiles to the world, one for each year of the agency’s life. A great way for us to celebrate our pearl anniversary and spread more Christmas joy this year!

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