Consumer lifestyle specialist agency Mason Williams is twenty-five this year and in celebration of its quarter century has introduced 25 initiatives that will be actioned in the coming 12 months.

Most appealing to clients is the 25% reduction on fees being offered to new clients and 2.5% of profits to charity, while employees will revel in the chance for one of the team to enjoy an extra 25 days holiday this year.

Putting something back, the total workforce will give 25 days to community projects during the year and support 25 students in their efforts to break into communications.

Joint Managing Directors John Williams and Rita Rowe said that the initiatives came from an agency wide desire to mark the silver anniversary with some heavy commitments to staff, clients and their home town.

“Mason Williams has been a successful part of the scene in London since 1986 so this is one way to give back to everyone who has helped grow the company from a start up” said Rowe. “We are particularly looking forward to the agency turning out for the 2.5 mile charity run in the summer and the delivery of the 25 birthday cakes to our favourite people.

The full list of Mason Williams Twenty-Five:

  1. We will offer 25 intern positions during the year to get new people into the industry
  2. Agency personnel will action 25 days of pro-bono work
  3. Team members will take part in a 2.5 mile charity run
  4. 2.5% of profits will go to charity
  5. Some team members will abseil 25m
  6. We will plant 25 silver birch trees
  7. We will blog a day in the life of PR every day for 25 days
  8. Rita and John will share 25 invaluable tips on how to succeed in PR
  9. Twenty Five training courses will be offered to enable the team to grow in the year
  10. The team will post 25 ‘vlogs’ on to You Tube
  11. We will showcase 25 of our best pieces of work to encourage others in our industry
  12. We will send a present to 25 people who were born on the same day as Mason Williams
  13. The team will deliver 25 special birthday cakes to our favourite people
  14. We will donate 25 different toys to children’s charities
  15. We will support 25 charities in some way during the year
  16. The agency team will carry out 25 “random acts of kindness”
  17. We will generate £25m worth of coverage for our clients over the year
  18. We will cut our carbon footprint by 25%
  19. The first new client will receive a 25% discount on their budgets
  20. We will encourage 25 of our clients to get more involved in their local communities during the year
  21. We will only pitch story lines to media in 25 words on our birthday
  22. We will post a £2,500 prize for the MW staffer who delivers the most in our anniversary year
  23. We will mentor 25 young people to encourage their development
  24. We will offer a discount on PR campaigns for any new client also established 25 years ago
  25. A member of the agency will be given an extra 25 days sabbatical

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