1. Emily Conradi

Prior to my month-long internship at Mason Williams, I worked for three years as a writer for a international magazine. Being approached by PRs every day filled me with curiosity to see what life was like on the other side.What I love about Mason Williams is the variety and the opportunity they give you to really achieve results. From day one I felt I was given responsibility and I knew that my time there would be whatever I made it.The variety of brands you get to work on is brilliant – from consumer to trade, beauty to renewable energy – you’re always learning something new.

I’ve really enjoyed my internship here and would recommend it to anyone interested in a career in PR. The Mason Williams team made me feel so welcome and I’d like to thank them for such a great opportunity.

2. Ben Magee

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent internship with Mason Williams. There are plenty of different projects to get involved in and exercise my current skills and various parts of my degree in Advertising and Brand Management. I have found myself contacting editors asking them about certain client’s products one day, and the next day I am working with other team members thinking of creative ideas for the website, or testing the Hasbro’s toys in the back and dubbing it ‘Market research’!

The team is friendly, precise and professional. On my first day I was given a structured information pack, which did a good job of settling me in to my job role. If I have any questions the team is always ready to help, keeping me busy and developing a forward thinking, learning culture, turning what may seem like a daunting experience, in to an accessible and enjoyable one. Everything I get given genuinely contributes to the firm too, making the workload more meaningful and creating a motivational atmosphere that the team seems to share.I hope to maintain the skills I have learned whilst on placement here. I shall combine them with other skills I have gained from other firms such as the Isle of Wight Council, JCB, and Virgin to help build my portfolio.

3. Laura Hutchinson

I have really enjoyed my time at Mason Williams, I have gained a valuable insight into a fast paced PR agency which has allowed me to work with a wide range of clients.I have had the opportunity to sell-in to the media, find and prepare market research and assist in brainstorming meetings. While on my placement I have developed my skills and knowledge of the industry while gaining vital experience to help with my progression within PR.

4. Carrie Ivacko

I am an American PR student from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and was warmly welcomed to Mason Williams’ London office in early June for an internship lasting until mid-August in order to complete my undergraduate degree.This experience has both been challenging and rewarding, being in a setting so strikingly different than anything I have ever experienced before. I have enjoyed the hands-on practice working with a variety of clients and observing the seasoned professionals who have a true passion for the profession. Interning at this agency has been extremely eye-opening and I know it will significantly aid me in the future. I am very grateful to Mason Williams for allowing me this opportunity.

5. Sara Golec

I started a work experience placement at Mason Williams in February, and from day one I had the opportunity to be involved in a huge selection of accounts and activities. As my work placement progressed, so did my exposure to clients, and I learnt a great deal about Luxury, Lifestyle and Travel PR.Prior to my work placement at Mason Williams I read English Literature at University and went on to do a post-graduate study in Lifestyle & Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. Since graduating, I have undertaken work experience at Golden Goose PR, and have worked as an Event Designer.Having completed my work placement at Mason Williams I was offered a full-time position. As a Publicist I am now continuing to build on my knowledge of PR within the Luxury, Lifestyle and Travel sectors, which I acquired during my work placement, with an added focus on Food and Health PR as well.I am absolutely loving PR and the MW team – there’s never a dull moment!

6. Jessica Simm

My time at Mason Williams has given me valuable insight into the PR sector whilst enabling me to develop my knowledge within the industry. I gained experience in working within a wide variety of areas including hospitality, events, beauty and lifestyle.Just some of the tasks I was able to partake in included researching, liaising with media professionals and helping to organize press coverage. I really enjoyed my time at Mason Williams, the experience I gained has only motivated me further to follow this career path.

7. Grivas Kopti

My time at Mason Williams has been truly invaluable. I have been lucky enough to get involved in many different areas and worked with numerous clients in the beauty, hospitality and music industries.I feel a lot more confident and passionate towards a career in PR after my time here and the team has been incredibly supportive – thank you!

8. Grace Darbyshire

Taking part in a work experience placement at Mason Williams was a wonderful opportunity to build on my portfolio and enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of PR.I graduated last year with a degree in PR and media and my time at Mason Williams gave me the confidence and encouragement to strive to succeed in the industry. My tasks included conducting research and liaising with the press to gain coverage with various clients. Working within such a successful agency has given me the motivation to pursue a career in PR.

9. Sarah Foulke

Sarah started with Mason Williams on 7th February to the end of April, every Monday and Wednesday. Sarah is pursuing an undergraduate degree in strategic communications at Elon University in the United States. During her time at Mason Williams Sarah has created and maintained media lists, liaised with journalists, assisted with organisation of events and conducted research on various relevant topics on behalf of clients.

Sarah commented: ‘My work experience at Mason Williams greatly supplemented my studies and gave me priceless knowledge of the industry. I received valuable experience in creating and maintaining media lists, liaising with journalists, organising events, and conducting research on behalf of various clients. Mason Williams provides an ideal professional atmosphere for those looking to work on major campaigns for important clients’.

Sarah helped to generate coverage for Delice de France and Redfoot, conducted research for Radisson Edwardian and Compass Group, and assisted with the organisation of Street Dance.

10. Laura Bruce

Laura started a four week work trial for a permanent role at the beginning of January with a review at the end of the month. Her last trial day was Friday 28th January. Laura has now been taken on permanently by the agency.

11. Tom Stephenson

Tom’s internship started on 3rd February. Tom is an Events Management Graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Tom said: “My experience at Mason-Williams has been very insightful and enjoyable! The placement has given me the chance to enhance my knowledge and skill-set for future employment within the industry. I have been given the opportunity to assist in maximizing the coverage for a number of clients, to provide research on accounts for current and potential clients and to help with general operations at Mason-Williams. Work experience at Mason-Williams is the ideal place to improve your employability!”

12. Kelsey Hardie

Kelsey is currently completing the Advertising Management and Brand Manager course at Manchester Metropolitan University

Kelsey said: “I am currently in my third year of university studying Advertising Management and Brand Management at MMU, I was lucky to be offered the opportunity to gain work experience at Mason Williams on Thursdays and Fridays throughout March. I have really enjoyed my time here and have gained real insight into what it like to work in a PR agency. I was involved with helping on several of Mason Williams clients including Schwarzkopf, Hasbro and the Memory Library. I was given various tasks including:

  • Conducting research;
  • Phoning the press to gain coverage;
  • Scanning papers for any coverage for clients;
  • Observing how press releases should be formatted;
  • Compiling PowerPoint presentations of any coverage.

“My favourite was perhaps Hasbro and conducting research into Mummy and Daddy Bloggers! Once I have graduated I plan on moving to London; continuing to gain experience.Working at Mason Williams has given me real motivation to work for successful agency!”

13. Suzanne Armfield

Suzanne is currently doing the Postgraduate MSc International Public Relations course at MMU Business School

She commented: “I’ve really enjoyed working with Mason Williams and have been given lots of opportunities to build my portfolio. I have been able to gain coverage for clients through competition placing, have created target media lists, and have worked on a range of exciting client briefs. My internship with the company has been a really valuable experience for me and has given me a greater amount of confidence in applying for permanent positions in PR.”

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