Normally going away for any length of time freaks me out a little you always end up working 10 times harder before and after your holiday to make up for it and I’m surgically attached to my iphone. However, when the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came about to enjoy an extra 25 days holiday I couldn’t resist.

In the spirit of Mason Williams’s 25yr anniversary, here are 25 things I got up to during my time away:

  1. Saw in the New Year on a Fijian beach
  2. Travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand in a campervan
  3. Got a numb tongue drinking Fijian Kava
  4. Saw my first blue starfish who knew?!
  5. Climbed an active Volcano in Tongariro National Park, NZ and marveled at the sulphur pools
  6. Got engaged over a champagne picnic in Sydney’s botanical gardens(after 9yrs he needed to come up with something good!)
  7. Travelled on the famous Seaspray Schooner to Tom Hanks’s CastawayIsland
  8. Drank crisp Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough it’s the only place to doso apparently!!
  9. Shot over the Huka Falls in a Jet Boat and giggled like a schoolgirlthroughout
  10. Hiked up Franz Josef Glacier and spent a day recovering
  11. Camped at Leonardo di Caprio¹s Beach didn’t spot him unfortunately
  12. Blagged free tickets to watch Andy Murray go through to Final of the Australian Open, Melbourne
  13. Drove along the Great Ocean Road
  14. Enjoyed numerous coconut cocktails
  15. Sweltered in 49 degree heat in Adelaide
  16. Gobsmacked at the absolute devastation caused by the Thai Tsunami on PhiPhi
  17. Was crunched, pushed and clicked into place with a Thai massage ouch!
  18. Got a lift on a Tuk Tuk driven by a 7yr old on Koh Lanta scary!
  19. Cuddled a koala- as you do
  20. Climbed the limestone cliffs on Railei Beach, Thailand
  21. Offset all the physical exertion by consuming my body weight in Pad Thai and delicious Bangkok street food
  22. Chilled on the stunning and isolated beaches of Abel Tasman, NZ
  23. Stepped back in time on Punakaiki Pancake Rocks, NZ
  24. Celebrated Australia day in Melbourne with a BBQ and beer
  25. Had an amazing time and thanked my lucky stars for Mason Williams’s 25th birthday celebration!

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