SEA LIFE Manchester’s Ernie the Sea Turtle Motivates the Masses

Ernie Swimming

If you’re looking for some inspiration to ditch those extra pounds that have crept up over the winter months, then look no further than SEA LIFE Manchester’s resident weight loss guru, Ernie the Sea Turtle.

Ernie was the weight loss story of 2016, having sensationally shed 5kg by sticking to a strict healthy eating plan. His dedicated diet meant ditching his piscivorous ways in favour of a vegetarian lifestyle, with regular weigh-ins and shell measurements to help keep him on track and motivated.

Manchester’s friendliest Sea Turtle is continuing his transformation journey this year with his very own PTT (Personal Turtle Trainer), who will help get him into shape. Ernie will be getting all the turtle ‘gains’ with a new fitness plan that includes a stimulating enrichment programme designed to keep him fit and active.

Ernie’s favourite exercise, in the new regime, involves his special Turtle diving kit, which creates bubbles for him to bite and swim through – a real calorie burner! For a more high intensity variation of the bubble enrichment workout, he can manoeuvre the kit making bubbles come out of different holes. For his cardio fix, Ernie loves to follow the SEA LIFE divers up, down and around his magnificent tropical ocean display tank, replicating their movements and playing with whatever objects they have with them that day.

Dan McLaughlan, Aquarium Curator at SEA LIFE Manchester and Ernie’s own PTT said: “Enrichment is a key component in turtle husbandry, which is why we’ve put together this exercise plan to keep Ernie as healthy and happy as possible.

“We’re absolutely delighted with Ernie’s progress over the last year. He has managed to maintain his impressive weight loss with a rigorous diet and fitness programme – we really hope that he’ll be an inspiration to all those embarking on their own transformation journey this year!”

Staff at SEA LIFE Manchester will be also be collecting data on Ernie’s activity levels and how this is affected by his new enrichment programme.

To keep track of Ernie’s transformation journey or to book tickets to visit him the head to Reduced prices are available online, with prices starting from just £10.95 when purchased in advance online. For regular news, updates and competitions, SEA LIFE Manchester is also on Facebook/SEALIFEManchester and Twitter @sealifemanc

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