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Henkel Consumer Adhesives launched three new Loctite formulations and unveiled the brand’s re-freshed new look to an intrigued crowd of consumer and trade media at London’s Future Gallery on Friday 18 May. As well as finding out that their smart phones, tablets and Jenson Button’s F1 car are all held together by Loctite, they also got to witness in person the strength of the new formulations – Hybrid Glue, Ultra Repair and Universal Water Resistant Super-Glue – with live demonstrations from the Henkel Research & Development team.

Following a presentation by Managing Director Simon Duggan-Hill and Marketing Manager Elizabeth Cater about Loctite’s brand re-fresh, their marketing plans and the new glues, guests were treated to a bespoke Clover Club and raspberry foam cocktail inspired by Loctite’s new blue and red logo. To support Hybrid Glue, guests were served a number of ‘East meets West’ lunch dishes giving them a mixture of tastes.

To show off the versatility of the Loctite glues, rather than demonstrating how to fix broken high heels or favourite tea cups, Henkel’s Research & Development team used some more unorthodox experiments that came with a big “Don’t try this at home” tag.

For the flexibility of Hybrid Glue they replaced a tennis racket’s strings with the glue and bounced a cricket ball off the dried surface. With the Ultra Repair, they attached both ends of a hammock to hooks that were glued to metal plates using the malleable adhesive putty and safely lay on it. To show off the water resistance of the Universal Super-Glue, the team fixed a broken garden gnome and then suspended it in a fish tank. Last, but not least, was the big party piece of the Hanging Man. A member of the team’s shoes were glued onto a wooden board and then he was lifted onto a metal door frame so that he was suspended upside-down with only the glue (and his shoe-laces) to support him.

The Mason Williams team kept the Henkel team busy throughout the event with one-to-one interviews and conversations with guests from a range of titles such as Essentials, Prima, Stationery Magazine, DIY Week, Your Home and Retail Express.

Comments from guests after the event:

Independent Retail News
“It was a fantastic event! Great venue, lovely food and being able to see the product in action really bought the product to life. It was good to be able to speak with so many of the Loctite team as well and yourselves as they were able to answer any question right then and there.”

ASDA Magazine
“Thanks for having us at the Loctite event. We had a nice time and it was very interesting. A nice way to spend a Friday afternoon.”

DIY Week
“Thanks for all the samples – I am already in love with the Hybrid Glue and it has done a great job of the Sylvanian Families bicycle, which is brilliant.”

The Mason Williams team are currently following-up with attendees, securing reviews and arranging additional trade one-to-one interviews to ensure strong coverage across a wide range of media for the Loctite brand and the new glues.

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