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The Background

  • We coordinated and hosted a press trip to the Czech Republic with our new client Moser to bring this 161 year-old luxury crystal brand to life for key journalists by visiting the flagship showroom in Prague and the glassworks (still on the original site) in the stunning Czech spa town, Karlovy Vary.
  • Moser is the world’s only lead-free luxury crystal glassmaker, which started in 1857. Moser produces exquisite hand-made crystal glass, using the same traditional techniques of 100 years ago, to create original designs with extraordinary quality. Every one of these stunning pieces is hand-blown, hand polished, hand cut and made to Moser’s exacting standards. Moser glass collections are often found in Royal households all over the world, and are used and gifted by dignitaries and the Hollywood, Bollywood and music industry elite who love the classic and ‘cutting-edge’ modern masterpieces.

The Experience

  • During the two-day trip we visited Moser’s main showroom in central Prague, which used to be the original apartment of founder Ludwig Moser in 1857. The group were given an overview of the brands’ incredible 161-year history by Moser CEO Frantisek Schneider. We also met charismatic designer, Jiri Suhajek who has worked with the brand for 50 years, and talked us through his latest colourful and modern collection.
  • The group then headed to the picturesque spa town, Karlovy Vary – famed for hosting the International Film Festival as well as their amazing hot springs, from which we enjoyed sampling the mineral-rich water. At the glassworks, we met with renowned master-craftsmen and each of us successfully blew our own crystal glasses (with a little assistance..). During the tour we encountered 25 different stations, each with a uniquely skilled team, who help to create the finished product, from blowing, cutting, polishing, engraving, gilding as well as five separate quality control processes. We finished the trip with a tour of the on-site Moser Museum and a sneak peak of upcoming pieces from Moser Creative Director, Lukas Jaburek.

the attendees

  • Mayfair Magazine
  • Premier Magazine
  • Luxurious Magazine
  • Luxury Life International Magazine
  • Homes & Antiques Magazine
  • Luxuria Lifestyle
  • Footballer’s Life Magazine
  • The Glossy magazine

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